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***** 'A bona fide out-of-body experience            ...truly extraordinary.'

- Cindy Marcolina, BWW UK


Using the details of Salvador and Ana María Dalí’s first and last days as the means to develop the performance, THE LOST HOURS imagines that our human memories, upon the approach of death, will blend with forgotten scenes from childhood to rescue all that is lost.

THE LOST HOURS is a solo dark ride that blends performance art, mask work, and physical theatre to portray the vibrancy reflected within our early childhood moments. A fantastical plea to the ticking clock of life.                      

The piece takes place in a limbo of shadows, where the performers create the environment.


In THE LOST HOURS, all of the audience's senses are challenged in order to internalize the experience. A reawakening to moments when time was our best friend, when an afternoon playing could last as long as we desired. Then to face our ultimate challenge: watching the extinction of our innocence fading into the inevitable.

THE LOST HOURS was awarded the 'Innovation in Performance' prize at the 2016 STOFF Festival in Stockholm, Sweden. The creation was also nominated for the 'Grand Prix' award.

THE LOST HOURS was a finalist for Outstanding Production and Outstanding Design in the IDEA category for the 2021 Off West End Awards in London, UK. 

THE LOST HOURS was presented with the generous support of:

Canada Council for the Arts,    Alberta Foundation for the Arts and Calgary Arts Development

Presentations hosted by:

  • STOFF Festival        

Stockholm, Sweden (2016)

  • MIMESIS Festival des Arts du Mime et du Geste      

Paris, France (2017)

  • BEAKERHEAD Festival of arts & science     

Calgary, Canada (2019)

  • VAULT Festival      

London, UK (2020)

The following artists collaborated in the development, creation, design and performance of THE LOST HOURS:
Kristin Eveleigh + Mark Kunji Ikeda + Marcy Rogers + Norma Lewis + Elan Pratt
Patrick Quinn  + Michael Rogers + Javier Vilalta

8ROJO would like to thank Dr. Thomas Banchoff and Jose Rafael Flores for their guidance and support in this project.

​+Select photography by Mike Tan and Sam Livermore. 

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