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'The combination of movement, acting and puppetry was magical' – FFWD Magazine

Through tales and mythology, MACULA narrates a journey of Indigenous legends.



The members of the company based their research on the polemic figures found inside the eyes of the Virgin of Guadalupe and the religious icon's relation to the Mexican goddess Tonantzin. MACULA explored the deep cultural and symbolic roots associated with the timeless veneration of the mother figure.
Using ritualistic poetry and movement, MACULA tells the story of an earthly goddess who gives birth to a winged creature. Separated shortly after, he is given the task to look for elements to create a majestic cloak made of petals.
In his path, he discovers a fantastical world that represents the deep connection between mother and son

MACULA was presented with the generous support of:

Calgary Arts Development

Presentations hosted by:

  • Arts Commons - One Yellow Rabbit Motel Series 

Calgary, Canada (2007)

The following artists collaborated in the development, creation, design and performance of MACULA:


Joshua Hoiberg  + Whitney Huget-Penner + Norma Lewis  + Kevin MacDonnell
Derek Paulich + Elan Pratt + Emily Talia  + Javier Vilalta
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