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 'Watching 'After' is like experiencing an inner is a shock from the core.'

- We Zeng Zhicheng, Pareviews: Taipei Performance Art Magazine

Surrounded by dark circumstances on a night of December, 1915, Ana María Cires drank a fatal dose of mercury chloride; a substance used to enhance photographic processing. The poison did not kill her instantly, and she endured terrible hallucinations before dying.

Ana María was married to one of Latin America's most celebrated horror writers, Horacio Quiroga (Uruguay, 1878 - 1937). Ana María and Horacio’s obscure relationship had triggered a curse in their lives; one which extended to their immediate family and those who were close to them for decades to come. 

AFTER is a visual performance fused with theatre of objects based on these true events. The creation explores the different theories behind Ana María’s mysterious death.           


In AFTER, Ana María’s spirit is confronted with macabre narratives based on her last moments; sinister visions which unfolded just like the horrifying stories that were written by her side.

AFTER is presented in association with:

Dadaiii Artist Collective (in partnership  with Oh! Life Association of Art and Culture - OLA), Canadian Trade Office in Taipei and Alberta Taiwan Office


AFTER is presented with the generous support of:

Canada Council for the Arts,                  Alberta Foundation for the Arts and Calgary Arts Development

Presentations hosted by:

  • Taipei Artist Village

Taipei, Taiwan (2018)

  • RVK Festival

Reykjavík, Iceland (2022)


  • High Performance Rodeo

Calgary, Canada (2023) 

  • Vertigo Theatre

Calgary, Canada (2023) 

The following artists collaborated in the development, creation, design and performance of AFTER:
Kristin Eveleigh + Marcy Rogers + Norma Lewis + Elan Pratt                                  Patrick Quinn + Michael Rogers + Javier Vilalta

8ROJO would like to thank Jose Rafael Flores for his guidance and support in this project.

Select photography by Mike Tan
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