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                     ADAPTED FROM FAUST (PART I)                      BY JOHANN V. W. GOETHE

 '(It) leads you through the dungeons of the nightmare, weaving Goethe’s narrative through dark hallways and an air of creepiness…'           


 - Avenue Magazine

Based on Goethe's Faust, GRETCHEN’S NIGHTMARE blended performance art, poetry, and movement into an affective dissection of damnation and redemption. 


The performance was driven from the perspective of a man's frenetic quest to achieve intellectual fulfillment and pursue his deepest desires without considering the consequences; symbols of the insatiable greed and corrupt aspirations commonly found in debased humanity.


For the first time, the historical Lantern Community Church built in 1912, was used in full for a performance. GRETCHEN'S NIGHTMARE allowed audience members to be completely immersed in the performance, in order to reflect on its relevant and impactful narrative. 

GRETCHEN's NIGHTMARE was presented with the generous support of:

Alberta Foundation for the Arts.

Presentations hosted by:

  • Lantern Church             

Calgary,  Canada (2012)

The following artists collaborated in the development, creation, design and performance of GRETCHEN'S NIGHTMARE:
Val Campbell + Claire Davis + Devon Dubnyk  + Kristin Eveleigh                              Jose Rafael Flores + Whitney Huget-Penner + Marcy Rogers + Jennifer Leblanc Norma Lewis + Evan Medd  + Scott Morris + Elan Pratt +  Patrick Quinn + Javier Vilalta
+Select photography by Justin Michael Carriere
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