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'This incredibly talented cast offers a flawless performance...a must-see for those with a reverence for wonderful art...'  5 SUNS (out of 5) 


- Edmonton Sun

                   NERUDA NUDE is an original work inspired by Pablo Neruda's early poems,                      where seven electrifying physical performers deliver the romantic works in the nude.

Poems that, when published in the 1920's were rejected by critics for being too raw and explicit, are now devoured by readers all over the world. Through the years, Neruda's poems have become some of the best known verses of love and loss.

NERUDA NUDE is a combination of physical theatre, poetry, movement, and dance that illustrates the words of the poet in motion; while exploring the freedom and acceptance of the human body in its most intimate state.


WARNING: Contains naked verses and full frontal poetry.

NERUDA NUDE was presented with the generous support of:

Alberta Foundation for the Arts and Canada Council for the Arts.

Presentations hosted by:

  • Arts Commons                           

Calgary, Canada (2005 & 2009)

  • Fringe Festival                        

 Edmonton, Canada (2005)

  • Teatro de Camara Casazul        

Mexico City, Mexico (2009)

  • Prague International Fringe Festival

Prague, Czech Republic (2015)

The following artists collaborated in the development, creation, design and performance of NERUDA NUDE:


Jennifer Andersen +  Genevieve Bourdon +  Kristin Eveleigh + Marcy Rogers

Norma Lewis + Kevin MacDonnell + Derek Paulich + Elan Pratt + Patrick Quinn

Michael Rogers + Karla Sainz + Mike Tan + Javier Vilalta + Matt Woodward

​Music for NERUDA NUDE courtesy of Willie and Lobo
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