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8ROJO is an award-winning Canadian visual performance ensemble.

The group has developed a unique style with its interdisciplinary performances for intimate spaces, which combine imaginative artistry and innovative creations.


The ensemble, based in Calgary, Alberta, devises integrative presentations of images in motion, which themes strive to cultivate meaningful dialogue between audience and performer through visuals. 

8ROJO focuses on creating dream-like tableaus of fantasy and symbolism that are challenging, relevant and profound for both artists and audiences alike.

The collective was formed in 2005,  with the purpose of presenting performances which combine artistic disciplines such as visual arts, immersive/experiential performance and contemporary movement.   

8ROJO explores multicultural techniques and expressions to further develop the connection between the aforementioned art forms.

8ROJO is currently comprised of seven professional Canadian artists: Kristin Eveleigh, Marcy Rogers, Norma Lewis, Elan Pratt, Patrick Quinn, Michael Rogers and Javier Vilalta. 8ROJO members are involved in art forms such as physical theatre, mask, clown, visual arts and contemporary dance.


8ROJO has been recipient of numerous grants from Calgary Arts Development, The Alberta Foundation for the Arts and The Canada Council for the Arts.         


8ROJO members dedicate their time together to investigate and share artistic experiences with the goal of building new work.

The group has performed to great acclaim from audiences and critics alike throughout Canada and as far afield as Mexico (Mexico City), Czech Republic (Prague), Sweden (Stockholm), France (Paris), Taiwan (Taipei), and UK (London).